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The company's big taxis are Mercedes V‭- ‬Class model‭, ‬for 6‭ ‬passengers‭. ‬With their spacious design and special amenities they offer extremely pleasant ride experience‭. ‬


The company's small taxis are Mercedes and Skoda models for 4‭ ‬passengers‭.‬ These models are spacious‭, ‬offer excellent comfort and safety‭, ‬and‭ ‬their roof track‭ ‬ is set to carry many suitcases‭. ‬

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‭ ‬Kuki Taxi aims to give its passengers a pleasant‭ ‬&‭ ‬safe ride experience‭.‬ The company is run by well experienced drivers‭, ‬specializing in transportation‭ ‬ to the airport‭.‬

‬Kuki Taxi offers its passengers new spacious vehicles‭, ‬as well as kind service by professional drivers‭, ‬all of them after military service‭‭.‬

‭ ‬Kuki Taxi offers additional services‭, ‬such as express deliveries‭, ‬direct mailing‭, ‬welcoming‭ ‬&‭ ‬escorting guests from abroad etc‭.‬‬

‬The company services run 24/7‭, ‬by pre-order only‭.‬‬

‬The tariff is fixed‭, ‬with no extras‭ ‬for night‭, ‬Saturday or holiday‭.‬

‭‭ ‬Paying with credit card is possible by pre‭- ‬coordination‭. ‬

‭ ‬While working with companies we offer monthly payments arrangement‭.

Kuki Taxi‭ ‬is equipped‭ ‬with brand new luxurious vehicles‭, ‬and also offers its clients luxurious spacious Mercedes cars for special ride occasions‭.‬ With its rich and reliable experience‭, ‬Kuki Taxi‭ ‬provides‭ ‬transportation services to many companies‭. ‬The company is focusing on rides to the airport and back‭, ‬picking up businessmen‭, ‬senior directors and visitors from abroad‭, ‬while assuring kind‭ ‬&‭ ‬personal care and a safe and pleasant ride‭.‬

•‭ ‬All the company's drivers speak Hebrew and English‭, ‬and have completed their military service‭. ‬ ‬


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A reputation for 20 years of courteous and pleasant service makes every trip
to a experience in New and luxurious cars